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January 19, 2006 at 10:01 pm | Posted in Taking Action | 2 Comments

I posed this question to Robert Spencer on JihadWatch, and now pose it to everyone operating a website that allows comments:

I pledge, unconditionally, that I am wholly against those who hold or practice hostility toward or discrimination against any religious, ethnic, or racial group, including Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists. I further pledge that I will promptly remove any and all comments and postings, of any sort, that promote such hostility and discrimination.

Please note the “unconditional” part of the statement. No self defense clause, no in some circumstances. Unconditional. This does not mean you cannot promote law enforcement action against groups of Muslims or Christians or whatever that are planning to or have broken the law. It does not mean that you cannot discuss the motivations of insurgents in Iraq or mullahs in Iran or rabbis in Israel. It means you cannot collectively hold a broad group responsible for the actions of a few. And you cannot discriminate against, or commit violence towards, a broad community in retribution for the actions of a few.

I encourage everyone to take this pledge, publicly post it, and contact your favorite internet companies and have them insist that participation in their revenue and lead gen programs is contingent on agreeing and enforcing this pledge.



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  1. What about countering the hate posts so people can see your reply, instead of removing it completely? Or is the language too inflammatory to do any good discussing it? And what about other kinds of hate speech, like that against sexual preferences (legal or illegal) and against governments or politicians? I’m sorry if this has been answered elsewhere on your site, this is my first visit.

  2. Steve –

    Thanks for your comment.

    I agree that sometimes countering the hate speech is useful. I have tried to do that, for example on my other blog watchjihadwatch.blogspot.com.

    The issue is really about those whose mission is to spread hate and fear of a group. A lot of those groups hide behind respectable facades, but encourage and support hate speech. By taking the pledge, bloggers can state that they do not support that. And companies like Google and Amazon can have a good gauge by which to measure whether people are living up to the T&Cs of their affiliate agreements.

    I am completely in agreement that other types of hate speech can/should be included in the pledge as well. Any thoughts on the language there?

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