How to make an impact

January 17, 2006 at 2:36 am | Posted in Taking Action | Leave a comment

I was just reading memeorandum and saw a pointer to the firedoglake blog.

The post talked about how they managed to bring down the sales of a book on Amazon by taking concerted action against it. Quoted in the post is an article from the WSJ’s Opinion Journal:

Amazon itself is another boon to conservatives, since the Internet giant betrays no ideological bias in selling books….”The rise of Amazon and the chain stores has been tremendously liberating for conservatives, because these stores are very much product-oriented businesses,” observes David Horowitz. “The independent bookstores are all controlled by leftists, and they’re totalitarians–they will not display conservative books, or if they do, they’ll hide them in the back.” Says Marji Ross: “We have experienced our books being buried or kept in the back room when a store manager or owner opposed their message.” She’s a big fan of Amazon and the chains.

Amazon’s Reader Reviews feature–where readers can post their opinions on books they’ve read and rate them–has helped diminish the authority of elite cultural guardians, too, by creating a truly democratic marketplace of ideas. “I don’t think there’s ever been a similar review medium–a really broad-based consumers’ guide for culture,” says 2blowhards blogger Michael. “I’ve read some stuff on Amazon that’s been as good as anything I’ve read in the real press.”

This is what we’re striving for – neutralize the elements of the Internet that promotes hate speech. It is possible, if we can build a large enough critical mass. It just requires us to speak up and make our opinions heard!

We can do this for books written by people like Robert Spencer and Serge Trifkovic. We can also write the companies directly and let them know the hate speech contained on the sites that they are funding. But we can only do it if we take action.


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