JihadWatch bans racists? Another lie exposed!

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From my new blog, watchjihadwatch.blogspot.com:


Wow, the shameless lies continue.

And the fact checkers at the St. Petersburg Times must be on vacation. See their recent article “Are Bloggers Against Hate, or Feeding It?”. In it, Robert Spencer of JihadWatch is quoted: “Robert Spencer of JihadWatch.com said his blog sometimes attracts racists. He bans them, he said. But he won’t stop blogging.”

Noble man, that Spencer. Nice to see he won’t stop blogging. But can we at least ask him to tell the truth? Just a little?

Let’s look at the “racists” on his site. It is possible that Spencer is indulging in the sophistry common within the anti-Islam community, that “Muslim isn’t a race”, so the use of “Racist” to describe hateful comments and hostility towards Muslims as a group is incorrect. This is a common issue on the jihadwatch site. For example, this comment on JihadWatch.org from October 19, 2005: “I think it’s perfectly proper to be anti-muslim. Muslim is not a race, it is not a person, ‘muslim’ is a title taken by people indulging in a certain belief system.”

But, let’s assume for a second that Spencer is actually not being disingenuous in the article. Do we see evidence of the “racists” (let’s say “bigots” to make everyone happy) that he bans? Let’s look at just the past week, shall we? January 15, comments by one Sheik Yer’Mami:

“No Muslims, no Wuslims: Internment and Deportations instead!

No mosques, no madrassahs, no clerics, no Da’wa: No Jiziya. No assistance, financially or otherwise. Why should we be concerned when Muslims get hit with earthquakes and tsunami’s? Do they have any other interest than our destruction?

Disengagement from planet Muslim, that is what’s needed, massive counter-propaganda, exposing and ridiculing this perverse cult, and general, sincere education amongst the infidels as to what Islam is, what it does and how to destroy it.”

In November, we see the “Sheik” again:

“Anyway, its far from over and internment and mass-deportations haven’t even begun.”

Was he banned? Nope… we see him again on December 28, 2005:

“May the “Arab world” suffocate in its own filth: There is always Meccah-cola for you Nasseem, with lots of slaughtered goats and frenzied masses of Mobots who ‘stone Satan’ and trample each other to death while dancing around a monolith…” and, further down in the same post: “Islam is the religion of and for hijackers. You can’t ‘hijack’ Islam.”

Hmm… 2+ weeks not enough to ban someone? Maybe he just missed it?

Well, lest we think this is one isolated case, let’s look at (I’m not kidding) commenter KKK. Yes, KKK – this person chose KKK as a nickname (it is not, as far as he says, his real initials) KKK. He/she has posted comments at least 5 times, starting on September 5, 2005, and as recently as Jan 10 2006. Let’s look at what he said on November 5, 2005:

“Only Muslims can’t, as Quran-thumping groupies have prescribed some 24911 body-related hangups that translate into intellectual backwardness. Small wonder that the Muslim world is essentially a cesspool of mindless backwardness begining and ending with loot, rape, murder, and prayers all offered to a jealous, monochromatic deity called Allah !”

“Islam represents the rigor-mortis of a troglodyte culture system, fabricated by a cave dwelling rabid fanatic, rapist called Mohammed who terrorized Arabia 1400 years ago”, and “why should Muslims be allowed to live in non-Muslim majority lands ?”

On November 5, he unmasks his beliefs a little further:

“If Islam is racist/bigoted and barbaric towards non-Muslims, why can’t non-Muslims act the same way towards Islam/Muslims ?”

Surely, he must talso have been banned, given his expressed “racist/bigoted” views?

Nope. We see him again on Jan 9, 2006. In this classic comment, he calls for the following:

“First, don’t allow any new Muslim immigration to USA. NO, no, no, no ! ”

2. Second, place a technology embargo and no World Bank or humanitarian dollars ($) for these rotten cultures. Don’t give them any chance to get technologically sophisticated. That’s dangerous. Let them revert to ignorant and stupid, as they truly were donkeys some 1400 years ago. Let them reduce themselves to that.”

4… Listen to each and every damn conversation amongst Muslims.” “5. In USA, make constitutional amendments to deny Muslims their right to congregate in mosques… Ban wearing headscarfs and hijab. Declare these are threats to national security. Increase survelliance for bearded men of Islamic devotion.”

“9. Non-Muslim men and women CAN NOT convert to Islam. On the other hand, if non-Muslim and Muslim fall in love, they can marry but in either of the two ways: (a) The Muslim spouse checks out of Islam for good,

(b) they both check out of their respective religions.

Their offsprings CAN NOT convert back to Islam.”

Later on, he says:

“Muslims will live at the mercy of non-Muslims in a secular, sinful country like USA.”

How about “Mahdi Al-Dajjal” – author of the lovely statement, referring to the “followers of Islam” in September 2004.:

“Kill them all and lets finally rid the planet once and for all of this cancerous scourge which has been festering in the gut of civilization for well over 1000 years..”

Clearly, he must have been banned! Advocating mass slaughter (genocide!) of Muslims… clearly racist. And Spencer bans racists! He said so!

What’s that?!? He posted again on December 13, 2005?!? Actually, there are 119 postings by this person, according to Google. Shocking! I mean, Spencer says he bans the racists…
Actually if he did, he would have to ban the majority of people who comment on his website as this behavior constitutes the majority of his comments. People like “Dr. Pepper”, “IsabellaTheCrusader”, “Mr. ApePig”, “Alarmed Pig Farmer”, “Rebecca JW”, “Religion of Peas”, and “Hugh” are all bigots who regularly contribute the the JihadWatch site.

Why? Because JihadWatch itself actually encourages this hatred and bigotry! Want proof? Look at JihadWatch Board Member Hugh Fitzgerald’s (the “Hugh” from above) postings. (Spencer, by the way, calls this person “”one of the most brilliantly insightful commentators on the scene today”). Just a few examples of what he has written:

“…not only should migration be stopped, but life can be made more difficult, if not by the government, then by private individuals, so that Moslems will be discouraged from remaining.

What do I mean? I mean that we, as private citizens, do not have to hire Moslems, we do not have to buy their goods, or make their lives, economically, more rewarding. It may seem mean, and many of you may be offended by it, and I am perfectly aware that there are nice Moslems, that there are those who simply ignore the main tenets of Islam. But as a group, the Moslems are a threat to me and those I love. Even the innocent ones, merely by being here, swell Moslem political power.”

In another posting, he says:

“And the first way is to put a complete stop to Muslim immigration, and to find creative ways to deport all Muslim non-citizens. These two measures would be accompanied by the creation of an environment where the practice of Islam is made not easy but difficult.


“Understand how very useless is the concept of the “moderate” Muslim — because it is impossible to know when someone’s “moderation” is real or feigned.”

So, Hugh admits he views all Muslims as a threat, that he advocates violating their constitutional rights under the First Amendment, and that it is impossible to tell the “good ones” from the “bad ones”. Sounds pretty bigoted to me. Even more, this is not even a casual commenter. This is an actual officer of JihadWatch. Someone Spencer recruited into his organization, someone who speaks for his organization.

How can Spencer possibly expect us to believe that JihadWatch is not a hate site when his very own officers spew hate? He can’t, and we shouldn’t. JihadWatch is a hate site and hate group, plain and simple. We need to start treating them as such.


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