Personal Attacks and JihadWatch

January 14, 2006 at 11:41 pm | Posted in Hypocracy unmasked | Leave a comment

Poor Robert Spencer is always under attack. The “Politically Correct” forces seek to silence him. He NEVER attacks anyone. Why do people pick on him so? (heavy saracasm…)

Mr. Spencer was very kind to point us to an old article in which Stephen Schwartz skewers him. For those interested in the full article, it is here.

Mr. Schwartz says:

First, it is absurd to suggest that there is any effort underway by me to “silence” Robert Spencer, who has a very wide audience in the U.S. for his books and commentaries. Indeed, it may be argued that he has a wider audience than I do.

Second, the argument that in failing to answer his attack on me I was attempting to silence him is either the kind of politically-correct argument typically adopted by Stalinists, who say that if you don’t pay attention to them you are censoring them, or is simply paranoia.

Third, I do not feel compelled to reply to Mr. Spencer’s disquisitions on my religion because I not not consider him in the slightest manner competent to comment on my religion. He has a magpie knowledge of what he imagines Islam to be based on fairy tales and armchair reading. His obvious aim is to instill fear of Islam in Western readers who know even less than he knows about the faith of Muhammad. I do not in general respond to comments on Islam by non-Muslims, except when they are made by apologists for Wahhabism. I am more interested in convincing Muslims of the need for moderation, than in wasting my time trying to persuade biased non-Muslims that moderate Islam exists.

Fourth, I consider that Robert Spencer has disqualified himself from serious consideration on any matters having to do with interfaith relations by publishing the writings of Srdja Trifkovic, the well-known apologist for Serbian war crimes in Bosnia-Hercegovina, whose testimony at the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia, in the Stakic case, was discredited.

Fifth, I have the right to decide who I reply to in any event, since this is the United States, not Serbia under the rule of Mr. Trifkovic’s friends, or Spain under the kind of inquisition the attitude of which Mr. Spencer exemplifies.”



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