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January 10, 2006 at 10:05 pm | Posted in Hating Hate | Leave a comment

Until I really figure out how to use WordPress properly, I figured it would be useful for new readers to have a recap of our mission.

I started HatingHate to try to stop the support that leading Fortune 500 companies, particularly internet companies like Amazon, Google, Yahoo, eBay/Paypal, provide to hate sites on the internet.

It is truly shocking when you look at these hate sites the degree to which they are funded by online advertising systems. For example, we highlighted in this blog a site that called for Suicide Bombings against Israel. On the same page, Amazon is selling books via the Amazon affiliate program. Even when we contacted Amazon about this, nothing changed. Amazon actually says they are indifferent to the political and social message on the sites in their affiliate program.

Well, Amazon should be concerned about their brand, but that is for them to worry about. However, they also provide funding to this site! The fund the operations of people who support Suicide terrorism! How? Well, every time someone clicks on the link and buys a book, a share of the proceeds goes to the affiliate – in this case, the operator of the site.

It doesn’t just exist with terrorism. Amazon also provides funding for bigoted and hate filled sites like JihadWatch. Paypal provides funding mechanisms for similar sites. Google ads (and Yahoo and MSN) appear on hate sites. Every time someone clicks on one of those ads, the hatemongers get revenue.

Supporting the first amendment does not mean that I am ok with funding content I find objectionable, or worse. Yet, that is essentially what internet consumers are doing. Any time you buy a book from Amazon, any time you click on a Google ad, you are indirectly or directly supporting these sites. Most consumers do not realize it. It is time we brought it to the fore. Write these companies and tell them you’re tired of this! Find other hate sites supported via these mechanisms and help us put the spotlight on them!

If enough of us get together, we can make a difference.


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