The ends do not justify the means

January 3, 2006 at 8:01 am | Posted in Taking Action | Leave a comment

A friend asked me why I have so much written here about JihadWatch.

Two reasons:

1)  It was the site that first exposed me to the support internet companies are giving to hate web sites. So it was the direct inspiration for this blog.
2) Most of the other sites we discuss (not many yet, but building the list) are pretty direct and straightforward about their hatred. They call for suicide bombings, for example. So, it is easy to see them for what they are – disgusting calls for violence, hatred, and bigotry, and we can get companies to take our calls against them seriously.
Sites like JihadWatch are not so direct – they hide who they really are. They masquerade as real scholars. They hide their intentions behind a sound, reasonable cause. They pretend they have no religious motive – although as little as two years ago, the director of JihadWatch said differently in his books. They pretend they are telling you the truth about Islam – although they pick and choose only the most extreme of examples, and ignore anything moderate. They pretend they are not bigots – yet bigoted comments and discussions are on every page of their site. They practice sophistry like “there are moderate Muslims, but Islam is not moderate” to convince people that they are right (but not bigoted), when in fact they are just intellectually dishonest, slick writers.

The unfortunate thing is that I would be supportive of JihadWatch if they were not so bigoted, as the cause they say they are fighting for is a good one. Instead, they are tarnishing a good cause with their hatred. The ends do not justify the means, no matter how important the ends may be.


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