Riots Down Under

December 13, 2005 at 8:44 pm | Posted in Hating Hate | 6 Comments

In case you haven’t been following it, there have been riots in Australia. My understanding: It started when a couple of members of a Lebanese gang attacked some lifeguards who asked them to stop playing soccer. A day or two thereafter, 5000 or so largely “neo-Nazi’s” gathered and started rioting, attacking anyone and anything that “looked Middle Eastern”. There have been, I understand, counter riots by Australians “who look Middle Eastern”. (BTW, the descriptions are from the news articles, not my personal take.)

The riots are a tragedy that exposes the level of underground hatred and bigotry within some societies. The societies themselves are, of course, not built on hatred. But fringe groups exist everywhere.

The interesting point for our blog is the role of technology. From the CNN article:

” Police: Text-messages fan violence

The rampage will compound shock expressed Monday at Sunday’s rioting, which police said was organized by mobile phone text messages and fanned by Neo Nazi groups.”

This is why our mission on this blog is so critically important. There are consequences of online and technologically supported hatred. The cell phone companies (“the platform”) are not responsible for the SMS messages that are sent on their platform – but they sure would be responsible if, like Google and Amazon, they directly profited from the expression of the hatred contained in the messages, and if, again like Google and Amazon, they even paid money to the groups.

SMS has not really caught on in the US yet. But blogs supported by Fortune 500 companies have the potential to be our wind on hatred-fueled fire. Everyone can say what they like, but we need to demand that our dollars, as shareholders and consumers, do not support these anti-social messages.



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  1. Just wanted to say that Sydney actually calmed down after a couple of days… Apparently there were quite a few hard core white supremacists in the crowd, who caused most of the trouble, the others were all just led on by them. Something like 200-300.

    A local church hall here was burned down, and the media tried unsuccessfully to link it to Lebanese people, mentioning that some “Middle Eastern men” were seen lingering around. Funny thing being the suburb has one of the highest populations of Middle Easterners – both Muslim and Christian anyway, so that is nothing suspicious.

    There is a good write up on Wikipedia about it, for those interested.

    The protest against racism was reasonably well attended too considering the lack of media coverage and support – shame there weren’t more Muslims there though! My wife was the only hijabi there! 😀

  2. I am so sick of hearing that the riots were organized by “Neo Nazi’s?.
    This is untrue on so many levels and you said it yourself when you stated: “BTW, the descriptions are from the news articles, not my personal take?.

    The media only reported what they knew about which in reality was nothing. The world needs to understand that these riots were nothing against the Muslim race and I don’t care what the media reports I speak from personal experience.

    First of all the world needs to realize that this racial issue has been in Australia since the 70’s. The issue of being at a place, be it beach, park, city etc at anytime and being harassed by Lebanese men. I do not know if it is genetic but the mentality of most young Lebanese men here is that of superiority and their belief that “Your woman is my woman; you just don’t know it yet?. Yes you can laugh at this statement but I have heard it from the mouths of Lebanese man many times. Did America start war with the Middle East for no reason, No. They have done what they have done because they are sick of seeing the injustices in the world and felt obligated to do something about it for all mankind. It is the same here. The riot started because we felt that enough is enough. Our Police do nothing on the grounds that they do not want to appear racist. Example is they have caught and are looking for over 200 Australian men. But they have not found and probably not even looking for the over 500 middle eastern background men that carried out 2 nights of destruction on numerous properties and senseless beatings on random individuals (Mostly elderly women). Where is our justice? And why was the retaliation so strong. It’s because the misrepresentation of our media and their “Belief’ of what the Australians reasons were for the riot.

    Secondly, through my research on the world view of what happened in Cronulla I have been disgusted with the finger pointing. Meaning that the world believes it was specifically directed towards 2 groups. Being Islam religion and Middle Eastern Muslims. Pardon the language but that is Bullshit. The initial start of what then was not even a riot was of many Australian beach goers that were fed up with the treatment they received from Lebanese men in the area. They were sick of not being able to enjoy the beaches and surrounding areas without a fight or slandering match braking out. It’s the same all over the east coast of Australia. I have experienced first hand this with the spiking of one of my friends drinks were they then took her to their motel where around 6-8 Lebanese man proceeded to rape and violate her by putting cigarettes out on her back. A riot was started also then but did not receive the media airtime that Cronulla had.
    And religion… well that is the most controversial issue that mankind has ever debated but in this instance had nothing to do with the riots.

    The Part about Neo Nazis is also untrue. Yes there were some there handing out flyers but I am sure that is because they are so hated in the world (Which they deserve) that they take that moment and try to spread their filthy ways. 99% of the rioting crowd hates Neo Nazi’s and what they stand for. The initial riot in my eyes was justified it was just when all the drunken idiots that turned up that killed the wanted message and turned it to pure hate.

    I ask people to read up on the psychological mentality of a Crowd (Mob) and you will surely understand why it did get out of hand.

    I just want to stress that we Australians do not hate Muslims. Yes we are cautious and that is only because the War on Terror is not that of a conventional war, meaning that the terrorist don’t wear uniforms and it is not a straight out war but cowardly acts of mass destruction and disillusioned killings. The world is scared and cautious of what it knows is there but is unable to see. Recent history shows that anyone could be a suspect and anyone can hide in the minorities or majorities in order to escape capture.

    We are a nation of liberal open mindedness to other cultures and would not be recognized as a multi cultural nation otherwise. There are bad apples in every race. This is inescapable unfortunately.

    I will close now saying that the would should do its own research on most matters happening worldwide today. The media has not got the reputation of speaking the truth 100%.

    I hope that understanding and tolerance prevails in the end. I am skeptical though.


    the truth is already written.

    And that is only what is on public records. This about what is not released.

  4. Spelling correction from :
    “This about what is not released”

    Tnink About what is not released to the public.

    That is what I meant to say.

  5. I have just noticed that someone has posted something in my name. I know that the comment was not deleted and I still hold my views on that comment. I have reported this and now joined so no future occurences take place.

  6. Kaos26 Is the real Inochi

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