PajamasMedia founded on hate

December 12, 2005 at 8:02 am | Posted in Hating Hate, Taking Action | 1 Comment

LittleGreenFootballs is a right-wing blog that is also one of the most hate filled locations on the internet. The targets here, like in Jihadwatch, are Muslims. These guys are a member of PajamasMedia. Actually, the guy who runs LGF is a founder… And, upon a little more investigation, it appears that JihadWatch’s site was designed by LGF. Incestuous bunch, these hate sites…

LGF is supported by Amazon and Paypal (via their fundraising systems). And, PajamasMedia, their mothership, is looking for advertisers! Anyone who does advertise with them should be told in no uncertain terms that they are supporting hatred.

Quotes from the site include:

“I’ve been fond of transfer of these subhuman sarcens for a while. Perhaps something more like targetted genocide at the religious muslims will become necesary.”

“Elimination [of Palestinians] is the only solution; I know that sounds bad, but that’s the way it is. Forced sterilization, and full occupation to keep them under control until the problem solves itself in about 50 years.”

Ethnic cleansing? Subhuman? Genocide? Wow… Amazon and Paypal must feel great supporting this stuff. To say nothing of the Republican party [I say this even though I have never in my life, ever voted Democratic. That might change as a result of this…]

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  1. […] (Before everyone pings me, yes I know that Totten’s blog is part of PajamasMedia, which I blogged about before. The problem with PJ is not that all their blogs are bad, just some of them like LGF and Jawa (BTW, I wrote Lucasfilm alerting them to the trademark infringement in the off chance they didn’t know). The problem is when you support one with advertising, it appears you support them all. But the donations to Michael are actually through Paypal, directly to him). […]

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