How Google (and Amazon) funds terror supporters

December 8, 2005 at 12:29 am | Posted in Hating Hate | Leave a comment

The Islamist website uses Google advertising as one of its means of support, including (and especially) in the middle of an article encouraging and sanctioning Palestinian suicide bombers.

“I believe that in such conditions those missions are a sacred duty on every capable man, and whoever is killed in such missions is a martyr, may Allah bless him with high esteem.

I call on every Palestinian not to hesitate in carrying out such operations as long as they are the only way of making Jihad and are made with an intention of sacrificing one’s life for the Sake of one’s religion and nation.”

I’ll write Google and post any response.

UPDATE: My bad, I completely missed the Amazon link on their as well. So Amazon is, once again, funding hate speech and, in this case, violence as well.

Also funny to note, incidentally, that Robert Spencer, of JihadWatch (which I called out in an earlier post) is one of the books being promoted. So these guys, who I assume have almost the opposite goals, are actually helping to support JihadWatch. The web is truly bizarre.


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